As a Member of the PYC Hindu Gymkhana, you will be welcomed within the country and around the World in the clubs where we have reciprocity arrangements!Currently, we have agreements with over 249 exclusive National & International clubs. As a member of PYC Hindu Gymkhana you get access to these numerous social and sporting clubs and receive the same privileges as their own members.

In essence, as a member of PYC Hindu Gymkhana, you are permitted to use all the facilities and services, as a de facto temporary member, of the clubs currently in our Reciprocal Club network. From club to club, facilities vary from accommodations, dining, sports,Wi-Fi connectivity,banqueting and business services such as access to e-mail, internet, secretarial assistance, telephone and fax etc.Most clubs offer accommodation in their own premises or favourable prices at nearby hotels, and are well worth a visit.

As a PYC Hindu Gymkhana member we urge you to take advantage of these reciprocal relationships whenever you travel in preference to commercial hotels and resorts. The clubs in this list have been chosen because they offer top class amenities and facilities, a home away from home and a high standard of hospitality product at advantageous prices that are typical of clubs such as ours.

Members of PYC Hindu Gymkhana may contact the concerned club and ascertain the accommodation availability, room tariff and the method of completion of reservation formalities. Thereafter, all that is needed is an introduction card or a letter of introduction which can be obtained from the Gymkhana Office by applying for the same to enable the members to use reciprocal clubs when travelling.